Where happiness is what happens!  Adopt the pace of nature; her scent is patience!
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This is for the whole staff!

This program has really changed my life in so many ways! Thank you so much for all the time and patience that I so desperately needed. Yoga has changed my outlook and my approach to problems and decisions but most importantly improved my relationships and uncovered the best me I always new was there. Keep doing what you're doing helping every person that walks through your door!
Sincerely JM

First of all Heather THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I came to a Purple Moon with out know nothing about yoga. What is Hot Yoga??  I spoke with Heather, her voice over the phone gave me the trust and comfort I was looking for my spirit, soul, and body. All 3 were a mess. My life was upside down. 0 focus, 0 balances, 0 light. 8 days later I have to Thank her for all she done for me. Her patience, knowledge, gave me so much to improve my life again. My inner is getting better, more clear, more balance. My outer knows now how to relax breathe and balance my emotions. I hope I can tell many people how important is Hot Yoga into your life style, but the most important is how this woman can help you to change your life. Heather once again “THANK YOU SO MUCH” Norha

Patrick finished his 60 day Challenge Saturday and we are all so inspired and proud of him; Keep up the great work and we are so grateful to have you in The Purple Moon Community! You truly rock :)

I've been practicing yoga for a long time and visited many different studios all over the country and yours is by far the most community oriented and houses the most creative and talented teachers. After only being open for little over a year it's amazing Heather has such a strong following of beginners that she's taught such advanced postures. Walking into her classes there are people of all ages that have practiced under a years time in headstand in the middle of the room twisting and posing. Thank you for making me feel like part of a family while I was in town!

Megan: I think you guys do a great job - I have been doing yoga for a long time but this is my first venture into Hot and I love it! Congratulations on your success and your upcoming 1-year anniversary!

Celestia: I just got back from a class with Jeannie and it was amazing!  I have never, ever had that great of a stretch in my life.  She was awesome and gave tons of personal attention to everyone in the class.  I can't wait to come back tomorrow and do another class.

Melissa: Heather, Thanks for an amazing class today!  I want you to know that I loved it!  I felt more energized than I ever would have imagined!  I really am greatful to you.
A stronger person! Melissa

Gail: I came to Purple Moon with a friend in November and have been hooked ever since.  I had a slightly high fasting blood sugar  and was given the "make some changes before you get type 2 diabetes" talk so needed to start exercising.  A very low calorie diet has helped me not add any more calories but Hot Yoga 3 to 4 times a week is what has burned off 30 pounds in just over 3 months!  I have gone from 163 lbs size 12 to 133 lbs size 8 and I feel incredible, a new me, at 46 years old.  I have never been in this great physical shape, mind, heart, body and soul. I am a very busy single parent and Hot Yoga is a gift I give to myself, I love the peace and energy I get from my practice.  Thank you to Heather, Tony, Steve, Ping and Jeannie for all that you have done for me.

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your studio! I took a class from Jeannie last night and she kicked my butt and I couldn't be happier this morning! I never thought I could enjoy something this much. Keep up the wonderful work and thank you for what you give to us when you teach!

Dear Heather and Mike,
What a wonderful business you have!  I want to say I feel so wonderful after attending  a class!  I feel that I stand a bit taller, and I even breathe easier.  I have asthma and it has been worse this year due to the rain.  As soon as I began the 20/20 it all but ceased.  I am so  impressed, as is my doctor, (who passes the word along to other patients!) You have obviously selected the most caring and observant instructors for your clients yoga practice.  Their voices are soothing and they are tuned in as to all the participant's positions and always take the time to correct us to prevent injury.  They are equally as quick to compliment us and tell us they see improvement.  It's a nice feeling.
I brought my very reluctant husband, Tom to Tony's class on Saturday.  He was hooked after one class.  Tony is fantastic and Ping, so kind to help Tom into the correct poses.  He very much appreciated the time she took with him.  Then on to your class Sunday night, which he enjoyed and again, appreciated the time Mike took with him afterward discussing his tight shoulders. You are all wonderful and I thank you for caring and believing in Hot Yoga enough to open your doors to us.  You are helping so many!!!!! Sincerely, Sharon and Tom 

Dear Heather, thank you so much for a wonderful yoga experience. I truly enjoyed the 20 day introductory special. In fact, I'm truly bummed out that will not be able to attend this entire last week, due to a crazy work schedule. Yours truly, Stella

 has acomplished her 30 Day Challenge, so here's a big fat juicy Purple Moon WooHoo for her; She's been coming every single day since we opened & we are so proud of her, Wooohooo!!!!! You blow us away with such an accomplishment :)

Missy Morris has lost 8.5 lbs. in 10 days and we are so proud of her so I'm extending a colossal Purple Moon WooHoo for Missy! WOW, we are so impressed; Keep up the great work, WooHoo!!!
Krystal Merideth met her 30 day challenge goal and we are so proud of her! Keep up the good work; you are an awesome person! Triple Purple Moon WooHoo for Krys because in addition to this she is working full time, studying for her Insurance License, she managed to bring us 10 new clients; Thanks Krys......You ROCK!!!!!

Charity Callahan has lost 11 lbs. in 6 weeks and we are so proud of her; she is focused, determined & inspires all of us to try our personal best! Thanks Charity :)
Cindi Salyers has lost 7 inches and we are so proud of her; she is so much fun to have in class and her positive energy fills the room! Thanks Cindi :)

Chris Rose started his 30 Day Challenge on Thursday, July 9th & we are so excited to see him succeed! :)
Brittany Pricer has made us all really proud by winning the National Rollerskating Competition and now she's getting ready for the World Championship in Germany! Way to go Brittany and thanks for choosing Purple Moon to help keep you in such phenomenal shape!

Janis Scott has come so far in her yoga journey and we are amazed by her; thank you for recruiting so many new people and allowing us to share your beautiful positive energy each and every time you come to class!
Shelley Alvarez is working through tremendous pain and each time I see her she inspires everyone around her! Shelley's pure determination is truly transcending and all of us should take a lesson from her! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Shelley!
Dawn Heywood has been with us from the very first day we opened and she immediately captured me as one of the most genuine people I've ever met. She started at Purple Moon with tenacity and a huge smile; Now 4 months later I truly consider her a friend. She has completely transformed into a beautiful yoga swan and we are so very proud of her, Thanks Dawn!

Joseph Miceli came to me 3 months ago with a cluster of old injuries, back pain, knee injuries, ankle stiffness, and shoulder problems. He has improved by leaps and bounds literally; the first month he refused to use the wall and the second month he wasn't so hard on himself. Here we are after the third month and he has dropped a ton of weight, he can balance in the middle of the room, and he looks like a million bucks! Bravo Joseph :)

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