Where happiness is what happens!  Adopt the pace of nature; her scent is patience!
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       Unlimited Yoga Rocks! 

 To sign up for classes online or download the app, click schedule above.

  • $89 a month for unlimited yoga (12 month commitment)  

  • Couples: $135 a month = $67.50 per person (12 month commitment) 



5 Class Card $60: ($12 a class) exp. in 3 mos.

10 Class Card $110: ($11 a class) exp. in 6 mos. 

30 Class Card $270: ($9 a class) exp. in 9 mos.

60 Class Card $480 ($8 a class) exp. in 12 mos.

1 Month Unlimited $120 

3 Month Unlimited $300 

6 Month Unlimited $500 (First package only) 

Drop-In: $15



    Yoga Mat Rentals: $2

    Towel Rentals: $2

    Water: $2 (mason jar rental)

    EmergenC or Electrolyte packets: 50 cents  

    Purple Moon mats: $45.00 when available

    Yoga is Art
    The Art of resting your mind,
    The Art of strengthening your muscles,
    The Art of focusing intently,
    In your light I learn to follow my own path,
    In your beauty how to create my destiny,
    You dance peace deep inside my heart center,
    Inspiring every fiber of my being,
     Rejuvenating every cell in my body,
    That connection truly becomes this Art.

















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